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Review: MahlerFest XXXII, Kelly Dean Hansen, 5/23/19

“In addition to playing the demanding piano part in the Elgar, (Korevaar) took on a challenge few pianists would dare: one of Franz Liszt’s legendary arrangements of the Beethoven symphonies for solo piano. These arrangements are notoriously difficult, among the most challenging things for any pianist to tackle. In Korevaar’s hands, the Fourth Symphony lost none of its identity despite the absence of the orchestra. This is a testament to both Liszt’s skill as a transcriber and Korevaar’s pianism. The perpetual motion finale—certainly not idiomatic for the piano—was breathtaking. In fact, this may rank as Korevaar’s finest Boulder performance in several years, and that is saying something.” | full review

Review: PERRACHIO 9 Poems – 25 Preludes • David Korevaar, Gramophone, May 2019

“Kudos to David Korevaar for bringing Perrachio’s inventive and pianistically resourceful piano music to light and playing it so wonderfully well. Excellent sound…” | full review


Review: PERRACHIO Piano Music • David Korevaar, MSR MS1710, Gramophone, March 2019

“The Italian composer and pianist Luigi Perrachio was born in Turin in 1883 and first learned music as a child from his father, an amateur pianist. After gaining a law degree in Turin he studied music in Bologna before travelling to Paris, where he first heard the music of Ravel and Debussy, who greatly influenced him. Perrachio then settled in Turin, where he taught at the Liceo Musicale from 1925 to 1955. As a writer, pianist and conductor, he was a propagandist for contemporary music and an educational reformer. Of his modest output, in the Debussy-Ravel tradition, the 25 Preludes (1927) for piano are best known. He was important in promoting new through his activities as a performer and organizer, especially with a group he put together, the ‘Double Quintet of Turin’. He was far from prolific as a composer, only as a consequence of significant arm-twisting from his friends. Innate shyness, combined with an aristocratic sense of composing, led him to publish only a small part of his works (especially those for piano and lyrics) and starting from the mid-twenties to confine himself to a sort of voluntary isolation. On this beautifully produced CD, the brilliant American musician David Korevaar gives intelligent, thoughtful and dynamic performances of piano pieces by Luigi Perrachio – bringing this deightful assured music to a much wider audience. ‘A musical epiphany.'”

Review: PERRACHIO Nove Poemetti, 25 Preludi • David Korevaar, MSR 1710, Fanfare (Jerry Dubins), May/June 2019

“This is altogether a fascinating album and the music a real treat for the ears. It would be reason enough to applaud David Korevaar for discovering these works and enabling us to hear them on record for the first time, but a standing ovation is in order, along with the applause for playing of such beauty and artistry of such penetrating insight. Urgently recommended.”  | full review

Review: PERRACHIO Nove Poemetti, 25 Preludi • David Korevaar, MSR 1710, Fanfare (Huntley Dent), May/June 2019

“(Korevaar’s) touch is worthy of Debussy and Ravel, his phrasing captures the melodic line with an unerring ear, and he incorporates the quicksilver Impressionist gestures with delicacy. The result is that the poetry intended by Perrachio comes through perfectly.” | full review

Review: PERRACHIO Nove Poemetti, 25 Preludi • David Korevaar, MSR 1710, Fanfare (Colin Clarke), May/June 2019

“Quite a find here—literally! Korevaar’s disc…is a major addition to the catalog; in fact, it is nothing short of revelatory. Luigi Perracchio could hardly ask for a better interpreter. One fervently hopes this opens the door to more recordings of Perrachio’s music.” | full review

Pianist David Korevaar Discusses the Music of Composer Luigi Perrachio, Fanfare, May/June 2019

“This recording features the world premiere of two Perrachio compositions, the Nove Poemetti (1917–20), and 25 Preludi (1927). The Nove Poemetti (Nine Poems) are a collection of short works composed between 1917 and 1920. Most are accompanied in the score by a brief verse that complements the music. The 25 Preludes are in the tradition of like works by Bach, Chopin, Scriabin, and other composers…David Korevaar proves himself a superb advocate. His playing is technically brilliant, with a wonderful plasticity of phrasing and colors, and at all times displaying a captivating flow and momentum.

…As in the case of the Poems, I found the Preludes to be highly attractive and compelling listening. That is a credit both to the composer, and of course, Korevaar’s superb playing and interpretation. It’s clear that discovering, learning, and performing Luigi Perrachio’s music has been a labor of love for David Korevaar.” |  full article

Review: LOWELL LIEBERMANN: Piano Works, Vol 3 – David Korevaar – MSR, Fanfare, Nov/Dec 2018

“Pianist David Korevaar, to whom Liebermann has dedicated at least one work, displays his considerable gifts in these readings. He dashes off the technical demands of some of these works with aplomb, while caressing the simple and quiet sections to bring out every last bit of their poetic nature. Here is a pianist with palpably clear musical gifts and intelligence, and one who should be widely heard.”  |  full review

Review: Lowell Liebermann Piano Music, Vol 3, Gramophone, October 2018

“Needless to say, one needs boundless resources of technique, tone, color, and musical imagination to do Liebermann’s keyboard aesthetic justice. David Korevaar possesses these qualities in spades and manages to create an individual character with each selection. Both the present disc and Korevaar’s two earlier Liebermann volumes brilliantly reflect this pianist’s probing individuality and firm commitment to the material.”  |  full review


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