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Korevaar values Broomfield Symphony community connection, Broomfield Leader

“Distinguished professor and pianist Dr. David Korevaar — who opens the Broomfield Symphony’s 2022 performance schedule on Oct. 29 — appreciates the value of performing arts within society.

‘There’s something very special about the Broomfield Symphony, because it is truly a community orchestra and those are getting fewer and fewer…For me it’s important to be part of my community (and) Broomfield is part of our local orbit.’ Now celebrating its 40th season, Korevaar said the Broomfield Symphony embodies community connectivity.”

Renowned pianist, CU prof David Korevaar diversifies repertoire for free show, Daily Camera, 8/24/22

“Korevaar’s career is filled with collaboration, international acclaim and inspired instruction as a professor within University of Colorado’s College of Music. From conducting master classes in Kazakhstan and Tajikistan as part of the U.S. State Department’s cultural envoy program to performing last summer with Carpe Diem String Quartet at the Snake River Music Festival…Korevaar remains a sought-after performer and teacher stateside and internationally. While he stays committed to the classical music that was produced before his time, he also thrives on working with contemporary composers.”

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